We love to bring office spaces to life

We love our office and love working together, but there is one thing we love more: creating new work spaces that make the office experience a meaningful one for all.

How we think about spaces

Discover our process

Our team is like lemon, if life gives you lemons... lemon works.

  • Leila Rocha

    Project Manager and Design Thinker with background in sales always on the look for workspace dynamics, planning projects and built things.

  • Filipa Pereira

    Architect & Office Designer who loves space planning, group dynamics and get her hands dirty in construction. 

  • Luís Simões

    Design Thinker and organizer with background in Engineering interested in behavioural economics and who loves lego, design and beautiful things.

  • Marta Pinto

    Learning Developer and Design Thinking with background in Research in Education who loves connected learning and arts in education.

  • Partners

    Partners who work with us closely in everyday step towards building the new office.